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Newbie Member's search for knowledge

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Newbie Member's search for knowledge

What does the "EX and "LX" stand for on the Odyssey EX/LX?

My wife says it stands for "Lasting Xmas"
and "Eternal Xmas"
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LX-Logical Xoice (choice-lame, I know)
EX-Extended Xuberance

I think trim "names" came about in the 50's or something when car trims came in Luxury (LX), Deluxe (DX), and Exectutive (EX). My dad mentioned this to me when I got my Civic DX, and we got a crack out of it because my Civic isn't all that "Deluxe". I think they just evolved into abbreviations over the years. There's some trims you can't make into words any more, like GXE.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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