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have been driving a '00 LX for seven and half years now, being its second owner...

Great transportation and excellent value for money I'd say. We got this one with 38K and are at 147K at the moment without any unpleasant surprises, apart from two accidents that this vehicle survived.

I never liked the driver's seating position in these vans, but that's really about it. The interior feels - and always has - cheap, even for a entry-level model.

No modding was ever done on this van, it's currently sitting on Michelin Hydroedges (second set in a row, highly recommended) and still offers the same ride and performance as it did when we first got it. I'm stating this as the highest of compliments. We haven't abused her, but haven't babied her either. Regular maintenance was never skipped, and I guess we're getting our money back at this point...

I'm intent on keeping her for as long as she runs, and on keeping her running as long as humanly possible...we'll see...
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