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Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, they all have distinct exhaust notes that turn heads from Hoboken, New Jersey to Hollywood, California. They still ain't got nothing on the rare and raspy resonation that marks an Acura NSX.

Where an ultra-expensive Italian car says status, the NSX spits true tuner taste especially because they aren't in production. That's why our ears perk up whenever news surfaces about the highly anticipated next generation of the old legend.

The latest? On Monday, Acura announced at the North American International Auto Show that they plan to do the research, development and manufacturing for the new NSX at their Marysville, Ohio facility.

"Honda associates are up to the challenge of producing the new NSX for global customers with a high degree of craftsmanship," said Hidenobu Iwata, head of Honda's North American manufacturing operations and president of Honda of America Mfg., Inc. in a press release. "Honda associates in Ohio have been building high-quality Honda and Acura vehicles for nearly 30 years, so this news in many ways is a culmination of their determined efforts."

More: Next Gen NSX To Be Developed and Built In Marysville, Ohio on
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