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Nice Suprise at Dealer

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Hi All

New member, bought a 2004 Ody from a local Honda dealer to replace a 1998 Ford Windstar that had basically rusted its front subframe almost in half. Its is a silver 2004 LX RES. Very clean inside with 79,800 miles and I paid 12,900 for it. They have the Warrenty Forever program that gives you a powertrain warrenty with unlimited mile coverage for as long as you own the vehicle, as long as you do the reccomended maintanance by the owners manual. I was in to see what I needed to do at 90,000 miles and since it was going to be 8 soon, I was going to do the timing chain/water pump service too. The service manager looked up the vans record to see what else needed done, and he looked up at me and said " we did the timing belt, waterpump and cam seals before putting the van on the lot at 79.600 miles. Guess this is your lucky day!" I gotta tell ya, that was a nice Christmas present!
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At least 4 x when it was new.......All checked out fine. Honda motor corp told me that was well with in normal range.......lolo
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