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So I mistakenly let my 3/36000 lapse this summer on my 07' Touring with 29900 miles. I am finding that on-line shopping is not happening since I live in CA. So I have called a few dealers and wow there seems to be no ryme or reason to the plans.


1: Diamond Bar- 5 years 84000 for $2000, 0 deductable from POS (point Of Sale) HondaCare
*was told by other dealers this was a misquote because it is for a car currently under warranty.

2: Honda World Westminster- 3/36000 @ $1000 with a $100 deductable from POS. HondaCare

3: Community Honda of Whittier- Has two options
the first is 2/24000 @ $1890 and the second is 3/36000 @ $2495 Both are a from POS and have a $100 deductable. Theirs is a different third party company "Portfolio Elite" and is for the PLAN G SUPREME COVERAGE.

Two other dealerships havent called back yet. I am probably going with Honda World as long as it really is what he said. I was told it is exactly the same as the original 3/36000 except the deductable. According to the salesman it is at cost plus $146. Any help and constuctive comments appreciated. Thanks

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HondaCare does NOT give you insruance if you are out of 3/36 factory warranty. You might want to pay attention to that policy.

Also, the HondaCare extended warranty is NOT any where near as same as the factory bumper to bumper warranty as fit/finish/rattles along with a long list of issues are NOT covered.

Seems like you need to do a ton of homework on aftermarket warranties as you are out of the factory warranty.

Several threads on here (including the ones for folks who are in California) are at your disposal to puruse.

Good luck.
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