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No stopping automatic doors

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Ok team, here is one for us. I cant seem to get my auto doors to stop if there is an obstruction. Isnt there supposed to be a sensor? Or does it just reverse it it hits something? My 2yr old almost got a hand caught in it. I have tried to obstruct the line of the door while in motion to no avial thus far. I know I should read the manuel..but hey, I dont ask for directions either.
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Also, the reverse feature is inactive the last few inches of travel-just before it shuts, to allow the door to cinch down.</font>
I think you mean less than the last inch or so.

FWIW I just got back from lunch and:

I tried mine with my forearm both at the window level and gasket level - both worked - that is appx 4.5"

I then tried my hand only (across the knuckle) and that worked as well - appx 1.5".

I then tried pushing against the door while it was sliding. The door was about 10-12" away before it started to reverse.

I'm not brave enough (or stupid enough) to try just my finger.

My understanding is that the door will not reverse until the last 12" of travel.

From Day 1 our now almost 5 YO son has been told that the powers doors and any vehicles are off limits as places to play, explore, touch, etc. So far so good.
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