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No stopping automatic doors

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Ok team, here is one for us. I cant seem to get my auto doors to stop if there is an obstruction. Isnt there supposed to be a sensor? Or does it just reverse it it hits something? My 2yr old almost got a hand caught in it. I have tried to obstruct the line of the door while in motion to no avial thus far. I know I should read the manuel..but hey, I dont ask for directions either.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by cmt4:
I now use a "paranoid" level of awareness when they are around the Ody. I wait until they are totally clear before I even THINK of closing the doors. I wait until the whole family is clear and then close the doors with the remote. Our children are also not allowed to close the doors, ever </font>
Our daughter is 4, and we have the same rule. The day we picked up our van, we showed her how the automatic doors work. We explained to her that she could get a very, very bad injury if her hand were to ever get caught in the door. She HATES "boo-boos" so she took our lecture very seriously. Not only is she not allowed to close or open the doors, she is not even permitted to touch the handles. My husband and I have both tested the doors by putting our hands in them, and they retract just fine.

Obviously, children and car doors of any kind don't mix. I actually consider my EX's slowly sliding doors to be much safer than manual doors that are shut more quickly and with much more force. I once witnessed my husband's hand get slammed in a car door, and it wasn't pretty. And my sister-in-law still cries when someone mentions the time she accidentally closed her van's sliding door on my niece's fingers.

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