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No stopping automatic doors

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Ok team, here is one for us. I cant seem to get my auto doors to stop if there is an obstruction. Isnt there supposed to be a sensor? Or does it just reverse it it hits something? My 2yr old almost got a hand caught in it. I have tried to obstruct the line of the door while in motion to no avial thus far. I know I should read the manuel..but hey, I dont ask for directions either.
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I have heard that the doors approximate the force that they need to close during the first few seconds of operation.

This way, if they are on a hill, they can still close. So, my guess is that after they have "figured" out how much force is needed to keep them moving, but before they get close enough to latch, they will reverse if they encounter enough opposing force.

When I had my '01, I tested and concluded that this theory was likely to be correct.

Sounds like a lot of trouble. Why can't we just have a lip on the door that easily retracts and actuates a switch to reverse? The lip could be positioned so that it does not hit anything when it closes w/o obstruction. Like elevator doors.

Then any slight collision would cause a reverse of the door.

The current system is a bit dangerous -- if there is an obstruction early in the door closing process, the doors will use great force (thinking that they need to), and will take even greater force to reverse. This could cause bruising or even break some bones -- but I still think it is safer than having a slider slammed on you.

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