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No VIN # before delivery

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Wow! This forum is incredible! We are taking delivery of our 01 MB EX sometime in "the middle" of this week.

They don't have a VIN# yet which is a little bit worrisome, but they say that's how their system works. True? No VIN# until the week of delivery? Are they just blowing smoke and setting us up for delay?
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Vin #'s should not be a problem. Just as long as everything with a # matches. Just double check the Van before you drive off. The dealer is responsible for the van until you drive it off the lot. Congrats on your new van.
The van should have all of it VIN #'s from the factory. The dealer does not need to install any tags. That's just odd to see the dealer doing that.
They should have the VIN # when they order the van. That is how they track new arrivals.
The dealer had my # as soon as the van was ordered. But if you don't have the #, you can use your current insurance as temporary for the van till the new policy can be set.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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