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No VIN # before delivery

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Wow! This forum is incredible! We are taking delivery of our 01 MB EX sometime in "the middle" of this week.

They don't have a VIN# yet which is a little bit worrisome, but they say that's how their system works. True? No VIN# until the week of delivery? Are they just blowing smoke and setting us up for delay?
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When we signed up for our van I was led to believe we would have a VIN # before the van got here. Then as it turned out, the van got here on time even though we had not received a VIN # before hand. Maybe the dealer had it and just didn't give it to us. I really don't know.
We were even told on Monday of the week that the van wouldn't arrive that week because it wasn't on their report. Then on Wednesday the van showed up. Maybe their system is not as perfect as they would like and sometimes strange things happen. I felt comfortable with our dealer so I guess I really didn't worry about it.

I guess I should try to give more details. sdp, you are correct in saying I did not ask for the VIN. When I put down a deposit in early May the dealer told me mid June to get my van. In early June I called and they told me it was being built and would arrive by June 13. On June 11 I called and they told me they had received their list of what was arriving that week and my van wasn't on it. I assumed that was the list that had VINs. Then on June 13 they called and said the van was there. It arrived even though they weren't expecting it.

So they might have had the VIN before the van came and I didn't get it because I didn't ask. Or they maybe only got the VIN when the van arrived. I don't know. ( come to think of it, I am not adding much to this conversation am I ;-)

I do have a question though. I talked to my insurance agent and he assured me I was covered on my new van for 30 days because of my coverage on my old vehicle. Is that a law that is specific to certain states or would that apply to everyone?

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Actually I am in Oklahoma City, so I guess we have the same situation.


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