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Noob owner in Davis, CA sez HI !

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I'm new to the Ody forums (but no stranger to forums in gereral).

I'm a fireman in Sacramento Cal and have just purchased a 2010 EX mobility with a Braun conversion for my wife (who is the one using the wheelchair).

Haven't picked up the machine yet (that happens Tuesday) but all the paperwork and insurance etc is done.

The van went along with a total bathroom remodel and front-of-the-house deck and wheelchair ramp build. So any monetary reserves we had are pretty much depleted at this point.

I'm no stranger to mechanics and have been doing almost 100% of my vehicle maintenance myself for many years. But this is the first completely computer controlled machine I've ever purchased and the number of electronic systems (even the transmission ??....really??) are a bit daunting.

So, first and foremost I'm looking for any advice for a NOOB-OWNER particularly when it comes to vehicle break-in.

My normal break in procedure on motorcycles (of which I have quite a few - no Harleys - mainly dual sports and enduro bikes) is to load and unload the engine (no silly high revs) through a number of cycles. To do this I've planned driving back home from my dealer on Northern Cal foothill/mountain roads.

Then doing an oil/filter change at about 100 miles (with the help of a small local town). Then again at about 500 miles.

I realize that break-in procedures are somewhat controversial and lots of you will tell me that I'm wasting money on oil and filters. My philosophy is that oil and filters are cheap. I've seen many quarts of oil with tiny silver bits come out of new motorcycle engines after only 50 miles or so.

Unless there is some other reason as yet unknown to me lurking out there to prevent me from using this method....that will be my plan.

Please don't read the above thinking that I'm some smug "know it all" that's imprevious to advice....not really the case.

Feel free to direct me to any threads or links that you guys like.

I'm sure I'll be talking with a lot of you in future

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Warm welcome from a son of a retired Fireman (RIP).
Congratulations and welcome to Odyclub.

I really think that an oil change at 100 miles is unnecessary on our vans, but of course that is my .03.

I would and have followed manufacturer recommendations on all my vehicles without any incidents. I can also say that most people here have had the same results.

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