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Nosemask on 2002

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I'm trying to install the hood part of the nosemask. There are two bungee straps on either end of the mask. The directions show the locations on the hood where the "s" hooks attach. One problem. The two inner locations shown on the instructions are covered by an underhood cover. Anyone encounter this?? IF so, how did you resolve it?

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my 2000 does not have this underhood cover. i connect the passenger side inner strap to a location close to the windshield washer hose mount and, the driver side inner strap to a location exactly opposite to the washer hose mount.

2000 lx,fern grey,remote starter, single disc cd player,roof rack with cross rails, bra, hidden hitch,csa 5 spoke alloy wheels,15% film over oem privacy glass and artic alpine tires on the oem steel wheels.
put all 4 hooks in the same holes-2on each side-works fine
Bra Straps

I've cut holes for the missing 3 cutouts in mine.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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