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Just went with the EX-L in Mocha Metallic as a replacement to my 1997 Grand Caravan. The old van was still serving well, but I was starting to get a "feeling" that it was time. Had replaced the trans at ~98K but other than that had been pretty reliable.

Anyway based upon 4 other hondas that I have bought ('84 and '96 Accords for us and 2001 and 2007 CIvics for the kids), I came back to Honda. Really struggled with the van/car/suv decision because the kids are out of the house, but ultimately decided that the utility of being able to carry pretty much anything we need to carry outweighed the downsides of having the larger car. I have a miata for those times when we don't need to tote things.

So we went back to the dealer where we had good experiences before (Faulkner Honda in Harrisburg), and sealed the deal quickly. They were one of the few dealers that had a mocha metallic, as they tend toward higher volumes and get a better selection.

Took the thing hom in a snowstorm (freak noreaster that dumped almost 10 inches here) and it seems to have a piece of metal in the left rear tire (not sure whether it was there at delivery or not). Will get that taken care of tomorrow. Hopefully better luck in coming days!!

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