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Notes on shimmy after new tires and suspension

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Has anyone had a front end shimmy after:

New Tires, new or inspected.for.wear front end?

I have. I narrowed down the problem and solution!

Please reply is this becomes valuable to you.

I am a so I replaced, with a shop press the four control arm bushings. Cost $40. No more shimmy. Pass this on.

If you are not a and you feel a shimmy, do the following like I did:

Check rim trueness and replace.
Balance tires, making sure they do not have bad belts, etc.
Check/replace shocks, tie rod ends, ball joints, sway links, stabilizer bar busings.
Drive it. Is it better? Have you removed layers of problems you never new you had? Finally, if there is a shimmy in the front end, have the mechanic buy and replace your control arms, which each come with two new control arm busings, and a new ball joint.

The above works. I am happy to pass this solution on in hopes that someone will really benefit.

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Thanks. I do have a shimmy noticeable in my steering wheel at medium speeds around 30-40 mph. Once you get into the 60-70 range it isn't as noticeable. I've also noticed with my condition, when I get new tires it is nice for awhile, but as they wear, the shimmy comes back. I have a set of Triple Treds on my '03' right now, and they have very little tread left. The shimmy is pretty bad at this point. I've been thinking of replacing all the struts and shocks to see if that makes a difference, but it's pretty expensive. Around $700. I think perhaps my van may have been in an accident from the previous owner. I've noticed the right side has more squeeks, and the right rear has some pretty significant negative camber. I've aligned my van I don't know how many times, and my tires keep wearing wierd. Perhaps I'll look into the control arms and see if that takes care of my shimmy and wearing issues. Thanks for the tip.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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