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For some reason I have two OBDII units and neither one will communicate with my two Hondas: 2007 Odyssey, 2011 Accord

I understand Honda uses OBDII with CAN protocol. So I made sure both units are compatible with CAN protocol.
First unit: CAS804 Auto Scanner Tool OBD 2 II Trouble Code Reader | eBay

Second unit: OBD2 CANSCAN D900 Engine Code Reader Scanner Free P&P | eBay

Each unit powers up, scans the network protocols and then reports unable to communicate.
It makes no difference if ignition is ON or engine is running.
At this time I have no DTC’s or Engine Trouble light illuminated. Just getting ahead of the curve.

The first unit was tested on a friend’s 2005 Lexus IS300 and it worked. He is now the proud owner a free OBDII reader.
The second unit was tested on a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe and it worked!

I can’t believe two separate units have the same problem on two cars.
There must be a trick in the Honda to get the CPU to enable communications.
Any ideas?
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