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So the surf was up in North Carolina's Outer Banks last week. I came up with a lame excuse to ditch work early & headed south for the afternoon.

Yanked out one of the middle seats & loaded up my 7'6" funboard & 6'6" HIC mid. This is the best part about owning a minivan... no struggling to load boards onto the roof.

Headed 2 hours south to the Rodanthe fishing pier.

Was happy to find warm water & clean chest-high surf waiting for us.

No pictures of me surfing, just some others who were out enjoying it as much as I was.

Got stung by jellyfish, but not as bad as my buddy Max did. Spent a couple hours out in the water before heading home to enjoy some fresh steamed crab for dinner.

Maybe I'll be able to take a picture of the van with the Yakima box on top & all the surf decals in the back window.

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