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Ody Antenna and Car Wash

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Here in the Northeast, winter is approaching and its time to put away the garden hose and start visiting the local car wash. I do not see any mention of it in the owners manual, but it is my understanding that the antenna can be unscrewed and removed. Is this what most people are doing when taking their Ody to the car wash? Are you just leaving it on? Rather than retightening with a wrench/pliers, is it sufficient to just hand tighten the antenna? Might it then come off while driving if not tightened with a wrench? Seems awfully tedious – just to have the van washed. What are most people doing? Thanks JEFF
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I asked this particular question when I picked up my van.

The salesman said it was best to remove the antenna before going through the car wash. He suggested buying a cheapo wrench and leave it in the glove box for such occasions.

How much does a new antenna cost -- probably a lot!
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