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For those of you in the salt belt, this issue will eventually happen to you assuming you keep the van long enough. It seperated after going over some nasty train tracks but it stayed mostly in place. I pulled it down for the 1st picture. I've also done this fix to a Civic so I guess it's Honda common but no complaints from me seeing the van is 10 years old and the Civic was 15-ish. Except for the bolts and welding rod I already had, this cost me $10 in gaskets. What a pain to find the correct gaskets.

-First I removed the pipe after the cat and the cat itself for easy repair
-Next I ground down the old studs and gently hammered them out. Then I ground the flange flat. My $12 Harborfreight air grinder paid for itself on this fix
-I welded bolts to the pipe that had the corners rusted off but the rest of the metal was still good. The front pipe and front cat flange was fine.
-Lastly I bolted it back together with new gaskets and reinstalled.

I think a dealer would have wanted to replace the rear pipe (which you can see is otherwise fine) and possibly the cat for a total of $700 in parts or more. For those without a welder, you may be able to get a replacement flange that would fit on the pipe after cutting the old flange off. Attached are some pics I took of the process. A big part of my time was locating the gaskets.


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