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Odyssey 95-98 Rear Air Bag Suspension (BOLT-ON)

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Hey guys,

so the good news is that I have a complete rear suspension kit assembled for production and will be available in the next 2 weeks. When I get the front kit assembled I'll update as necessary.

Unline many universal kits you can piece, my kit will be completely BOLT-ON, meaning no modification is necessary to your Odyssey.
This will eliminate the rear coil spring in favor of a air spring with brackets.
I have already tested this setup on my own vehicle and it works great, and rides better than factory. Max height on the rear is about 6" height, or slam it down to the ground. Also works very well for helping carry heavy loads of people or stuff in the van (prevents sagging in the rear). :p

Rear Kits will include the following: $640 + shipping
- 2 Air Bags (red label for up to 200psi)
- Custom Steel Bracket set
- Hardware
- Air Line Fittings
- 1/4" DOT Air Line 50 feet length

Optional (and needed if you don't have your own):
- 3, 4, or 5 Gallon Aluminum air tank
- Compressor(s)
- Manual Switch Panel (for up/down)
- Dual needle pressure gauges
- Rear Shocks (recommended to buy new ones)
- Pressure switch
- Tank fittings

(Installed below: Full Down and rolling 20" wheels)

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1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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