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Hello Odyssey owners in NE Ohio.

I thought I start a post specifically for us folks in NE Ohio. For those interested in exchanging ideas and perhaps getting together for DIY. I have been getting together with some local owners who I met offline and we've been getting together to install various parts in our van. It made things lot easier since everyone was on same page. I was able to install Airbag in rear with help from them. So I thought I make this little bigger group. You'd be surprised with all the equipments people have.

I own a 2004 Odyssey EX, nearing 100,000miles. My next oil change will be after 100,000. I'm considering timing belt change this summer. Dealers charge arm and a leg now a days.

One of the owner did one on his last summer with the group and apparently it isn't all that difficult. So let's get together what do you say?

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