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Odyssey: Survivialist Tool?

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Amazing board here, already working on many Odyclub-based mods on my 10D old '01 GG EX Navi. Fascinating how this vehicle has generated such a profound hobby following..

Indulge me in a thought experiment (of sorts) which would go a long way to healing the profound anxiety generated by the recent WTC disaster visible from my apartment window, and having a new family to protect.

With all the Power Mod talent here, how would YOU equip an Ody for a three week trek out of, say, New York City, for somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line (where the winters aren't so severe) with a wife and a set of sons (26 months and 6 weeks of age), possibly not under the most pleasant of wartime circumstances.

The mods/equipment/supplies taken along should be chosen with an eye on minimal reliance on outside help. Categories could include Safety, Communication, Shelter, Food, Water, Fuel, Sleep, Car Supplies, Personal Supplies, Entertainment...Medical/First Aid supplies are my thing already...

I'm hopefully not being (too)paranoid here, just thought this would be an interesting "fantasy" thread...ahem.

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Living in earthquake land as we in CA do, we are suggested to carry enough water (emergency rationing applies) for 5 days for all members of your travelling group. This water is packaged in individual foil packets. Space blankets, one for each seat, are available at many types of stores, are a good idea to store in your Odyssey too.
Food is another story, if you are doing any type of camping or car camping you will have supplies for that, I hope! Nutrition bars that are sealed and dated are also available, although I must say that my wife and I taste tested some once they had expired and sorry to report that we both agreed that starvation would have to really be close to eat one of these again. We did not replace them. Another item gaining fame is a so called life hammer, used to break a window or windshield in the event of entrapment, these also have a cutting blade on them in case you are locked into and cannot get out of your seatbelt. These items are all easily found online.
There is nothing wrong or paranoid about planning for trouble. It's a motto for a reason: BE PREPARED

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Amazing board here, already working on many Odyclub-based mods on my 10D old '01 GG EX Navi.</font>
My mind just cannot keep from hearing John Cleese talk about your van being "an EX NAVI!"
I think that a survivalist forum would be more appropriate and effective for this particular discussion. Most of the information needed would be independent of the model of the vehicle involved (if any).



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