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Interesting article on Car and Driver's website:

Success Limits New Honda SUV Production

December 17, 2001

Honda says it expects to be able to produce no more than about 100,000 of its new Pilot sport-utility vehicles in 2003, The Wall Street Journal reported, because of brisk sales of its Odyssey minivan and Acura MD-X sport-utility vehicle.

Last week, Honda officials said Pilot production could be as high as 120,000 vehicles in 2003, but that forecast was based on all Odyssey output being shifted to Honda's new factory in Alabama. The Pilot is to be built at a Canadian factory where Odyssey minivans and Acura MD-X SUVs are currently being built. All three vehicles share basic components.
Demand for the Odyssey is so strong that, at least through early 2003, Honda plans to supplement the Alabama factory's 150,000-vehicle annual capacity with production from the factory in Alliston, Ontario.

The Pilot goes into production at that factory in spring 2002, and will arrive in showrooms next summer, the story said.



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