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Odyssey with stock suspension and 19" rims?

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What would an Odyssey with stock suspension and 19" rims, +35 & +38 offset, 35 series tires look?
I would like to get coilovers but that will be in the future.
Not looking for the slammed look, but 2-3 finger gap.

Any pictures of something similar?
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not that many companies making coilovers for the Odyssey the ones that did are discontinuing them. get them while you can.. me im saving up for some Cusco... might be able to do a group deal if anyone is seriously interested..
Last time I looked they were really pricey. Plus the only way to do it right is to also get the rear arms from them too. Let me know what prices would look like. Interested but might be out of my ballpark.
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