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The web page cites a model year <font color=red><font size=+3>2001</font></font>. Does the deal apply to 2002 as well?

The ad claims that the free cold weather package is "A 3,500 value." The package includes:<ul>[*]Daytime headlights[*]Heated Mirrors[*]Front Mud Guards[*]Heavy Duty Alternator[*]Engine Block Heater[*]Oversized windshield wiper reservoir tank[/list]Is that really a 3,500 value?

There have been some questions raised here about Canadian Odysseys actually qualifying for the Honda Care Warranty. Is the warranty he's offering from Honda or a third party?

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They bring them from Canada and convert speedometer/odometer to the American in Seatle,WA. They sell 2001 EX models for $26500, and 2002 models for $27500 with above mentioned cold weather package - which, I am sure, does not worth $3500 - but if it's there for the same price - why worry.
Warranty is not factory and you can opt for none - saves you another $700. Some would probably be terrified by the idea of having a car with no warranty - but in the case of Honda, in my opinion, it's not a big risk. I am an auto mechanic myself and also own a 1997 Honda Accord - never had to do anything but sceduled maintenance in almost 5 years.
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