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OEM Air Deflector Problems

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We've had our '01 DEP EX for only 6 weeks. We had the Honda air deflector installed. The two posts which are held on the outside edges of the hood with adhesive are now almost totally off. The inside edge of each has lifted completely off and only a couple mm on the outside edge are still holding.

Anyone else had this happen? I guess I will take it back and get them to put some new adhesive tape on them, but I'll bet they will come off again soon enough.

I would get rid of the Honda deflector and get something else, but I like this one, so I'd rather try to find a solution.
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I believe you can buy the hardware kit for the OEM Deflector and use the 2 side brackets to hold the side of the deflector. You may need to drill the deflector and inner side of the hood to fit the 2 side brackets.

I thought about trying to fashion a metal bracket for the sides similar to the three middle ones. I think that the existing holes on the sides of the deflector are too far away from the front to make this work. I don't want to drill any more holes in the deflector or under the hood. I guess I can ask the dealer for a few years supply of adhesive tape :)
Chances are they didn't clean the paint very well before applying the tape. If it's cleaned properly this time it'll probably last. That stuff is pretty tough.

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Yeah, probably not. I'll think I'll just get some new tape and redo it myself. I wonder what the best kind to use would be? I think some rubbing alcohol should clean off the old residue?

The difficult part is to remove without damaging to the plastic posts. Once the posts are removed, the adhesive residue on the hood can be rolled off rather easily with your thumbs. Those adhesive tape are expensive. I would suggest getting a hardware kit for about $25.00 that includes a new set of posts and all the brackets.

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The plastic posts will be no problem to remove, they're almost completely off now! The dealer will be paying for either new tape or whole new set of posts. Since they installed all the options they're warrantied for 3 years. I think the old tape might be hard to get off of the posts themselves, so new posts might be the better option.
When you have the dealer replace the posts, make sure they install it correctly. Those posts have curvature that are conformed to the hood and DO NOT require any modification (i.e, trimming) to fit perfectly. if installed incorrectly, it will eventually pop back out due to the force caused by the curvature of the post. There are two arrows on each post, they should be pointing to the side and the front of the hood. Also, the longer side of the post should be along the side of the hood. if not, the hole on the post will not match the hole on the deflector. It's amazing that how many orientation of those posts you can have and only one will match perfectly.

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I stripped the hole for the screw in one of the plastic mount. The screw is in but not tight. I guess I over tighten it. Any suggestion for repair? Thanks
This is the second messages I read regarding problem with air deflector support adhesive. I would recommend you strongly to buy a new deflector kit for about $24. It come with all the new supports, brackets, screws and the whole nine yards. I recommend to have you install it yourself and read the instruction carefully. Go to store and buy a bottle of 99 cents acohol. You'll need to clean the surface of you hood where the support will sit very thoroughly and let it dry completely. Take your tape measurement out and locate the right position for the supports. When installing it, make sure you don't touch the sticky part of an adhesive tape with your finger. Press the support down evenly and apply pressure evenly through out the top surface of the supports with your fingers. I guarantee you it will never come off again. It'll break the support if you try to remove it. Pls do not drill or do any crazy thing to the Oddyssey nor the support. If you have the dealer do it, they tend to do their job too quick and not thoroughly complete the job properly. The whole deflector installation shouldn't take more than 35 minutea. I did all the extrior accessories myself. They all a piece of cake after reading the instruction carefully. Good Luck with your project and hopefully you'll have a good result. Coleman.
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