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OEM deflector installation tips?

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There is no need to drill the deflector,or trim the plastic posts as suggested in Honda Odyssey FAQ in Tech section of this site. The post holes match perfectly with the deflector if they are aligned properly. Make sure to clean the hood real good with alcohol before attach the posts. Anyway, the deflector is position way too low to be effective in preventing windshield from bug splash or stone chips. I removed mine after few month's use.

Happy driving
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It did not prevent chippings on the hood either, and that's why I removed mine. If you look at the front shape of the Ody, large area of hood are not protected by the deflector, and entire hood is exposed to target practice for vehicle in front of us
. I think the only way to avoid chipping is try to avoid tailgating other, especially the big rig. Deflector works great for sedans because of their airo dynamic shape. Anyway, just my humbled opinion.

Happy driving!
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