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Off center steering wheel?

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Two questions:

What cause the steering wheel being off center?

Also is it easy to adjust?

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I think the reason they can't seem to get the steering wheel straight is that they don't sit behind the wheel to center it, they lean in through the driver's window. If you haven't noticed, the steering wheel on the Ody isn't parallel to the dash. The right side is closer to the driver than the left. They are all this way, it's just the way the vehicle is designed. When you lean in through the window the center the wheel, it may look centered, but from the driver's perspective it is off to the right. To correct this on any car with rack and pinion steering, they simply lengthen the left tie rod and shorten the right by an equal amount. The steering wheel being crooked in and of itself will not affect alignment or tire wear. Something else would have to be off, like caster, camber, or total toe to do that. It's just a nuisance.
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There can't be much adjustment, and I doubt they can remove the angle. I put the alarm on my LX, and in the process I had to remove the plastic cover around the steering column. It is distinctly wedge-shaped. No way to make the steering wheel parallel to the dash. FWIW, I had an '85 VW Quantum with the same design quirk.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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