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This car is in Pittsburgh, PA. More specifically Mt. Lebanon. I have, alas, fallen victim to the dreaded automatic transmission problem experienced by so many of us. So, what I have here is a 2001 EX in Silver (but known as some kind of green... but it is really silver or gray) with 125K miles. engine: great. Radio: upgraded to HD with iPod input and antennae for Sirius installed. Tires: two new last year. Air filter: K&N. Body - good. Some minor scrapes. A small dent near the gas tank, a crack in the rear driver tail light. Brakes: good, recent replaced. Oil- Mobil one... always. Other than the fact that the tranny needs work, this is a solid vehicle for repair or parts. Asking 3000 in cash or equivalents. If interested, email me: [email protected].

I asked my Dealer, South Hills Honda if they could do anything for me. The tranny was extended to 109K. I'm at 125K. They carefully asked me what was wrong and then said, Sorry, out of warranty.

Please - don't let my Odyssee wind up in the hands of the enemy. Buy my Honda and give it a good home.;)


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