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Oil Filter location

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Im not sure if the oil filter is in the same location on older vans or not but on my 2011 it it right above the lower control arm and makes a huge mess when you go to change it. Never ran into something like this in any of my other cars :nothappy: \rant
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They must have changed in the newer gen. It was as easy as turning the steering wheel all the way to the right on an older gen. Similar mess on the newer MDX.
There is an oil drain deflector shield from Honda to make the oil change process mess free.

Honda part number: VSB02C000034

You can order one from Bernardi Parts for $22.10 or make something similar on your own.
Oil Drain Deflector Shield - Gold - Bernardi Honda Parts and Accessories
On the older gen Ody's, an empty 2-litre Coke bottle with the bottom cut out makes a great tool to catch overflow when removing the oil filter. Did you mean that the oil splashes on the lower control arm from the oil filter or from the drain bolt?
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