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Would you use an oil filter that had been exposed to moisture?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • No, I wouldn't risk damaging my engine over a $5 oil filter.

    Votes: 4 44.4%

OK to use an oil filter that got wet?

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OK I have an 05 Touring, and I had bought a whole bunch of Napa Gold oil filters when they were on sale. Long story short, the box I was keeping them in got wet on the bottom, and the individual boxes sitting in the bottom of the storage box, got wet as well. I don't think the water level got high enough that the filters themselves were submerged, but at the very least the filters were exposed to a lot of moisture for several days. This was a month ago, everything's perfectly dry now, and it's time to change the oil in my Ody. Is it okay to use these filters?
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I'd use 'em. I'd bet only the boxes got wet and the water never made it to the filter medium at all and even if it did, now that everything's dry, its fine.
Would you buy the filter off the shelf if you saw signs of water damage to the outer box?

I don't know if water weakens the filtration medium, if moisture caused any corrosion inside the canister, if foreign matter entered the filters - I figure filters are so cheap and an engine so costly that there's no way saving $5 and risking $3000 makes any sense to me -- but then, I'm spoiled by the nearest Honda store to work that uses OEM filters and charges $10 for oil changes!
Why even question it for the cost of a McD's value meal?

Yep, toss them, not worth the risk.
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