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Open Road Honda Edison, NJ (A+)

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As you may have already seen, I had a good experience with Open Road Honda dealership located in Edison, NJ, US Route 1 North. I was contemplating a dePAX for my '07 Touring for last few weeks and due to constraints in my budget, I opted to swap the rears with PAX again and save up for a nice dePAX down the road, hopefully within next two years.

I have shopped around for PAX and it seems that the best price and convenience, although I had to drive 50+ miles to get to this dealership, it was worth the trip. They quoted me a price of $325 per tire but the total came out to $604 with complementary oil change after I explained to them what a headache PAX was.

Service personnel was very friendly, and the wait area was also nice serving free beverages and snacks. Only issue was I called the day before and they said they had the tires in stock but when I got there, they said it has not come in yet. I had to wait an additional two hours to get the work done. Other than that, it was a pleasent experience.

The highest price for pax that I've been quoted was from D&C Honda of Tenafly, NJ and they quoted me $1400 which is insane. Then this past June, out of desparation, did not shop around for PAX for fronts and went to Good Year Tire Shop in Boston Road in the Bronx and got charged $900 for the front two. You figure between these two PAX replacement, I could have easily dePAXed but that is an after thought.

I am okay for now, but now I need to start planning out my dePAX, want to go with at least 17" size rim, Honda OEM, 5 spokes with Yokohamas on each corner.