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OUCH! Cut finger on alloy wheel!

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Just a warning to all......Please be very careful when hand washing the Ody EX aluminum wheels. I was using a cotton cloth and reaching through the spoke. The rear edge of one spoke had a sharp, unfinished edge.

It put a good gouge in my finger but it didn't require stitches.

Just a warning for all...
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I have a brush made of lambs wool that I picked up at Walmart. It's made for wheels. The brush part is cone shaped and fits into the holes of a wheel easily.

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and another ouch...

my husband nearly removed the pad of his little finger yesterday while drying the roof side of the spoiler, between the spoiler and the roof. Turns out there is a sharp edge there too.
Whoa! Good safety tips folks.

I 2nd Jim's tip on the lambswool wheel cleaner.


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Huh. I don't bother with touching the wheels at all. P21-S or Meguiar's All Wheel Cleaner; either will do the trick VERY nicely, with just a spray, a minute's wait, and some clear water to wash it all off.
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