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Our first Odyssey

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Hi all! Glad to have found this forum. We purchased our 2000ex last week. It has just over 167000 miles. Was able to score a two year warranty so my trans worries are a bit less. Just love the van, all the room and it drives great. So far I've changed spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter (never changed, was really gross) but found a great step by step, cleaned and lubed sliding door contacts and intermittent alarm stopped. Also installed a Pioneer nav unit and replaced all speakers. To do list includes wiper blades, trans fluid change, adding a trans cooler and remote filter, trailer hitch, rear headrest video screens, and possibly a rooftop carrier. So far it has been a dream to work on, my '85 Vanagon needs the trans rebuilt and the top end freshened.:mad: After that it looks like it will be goodbye. With all the room we are looking at tent camping again. And being able to keep up with traffic is a true joy.:DD
Again thanks for all the great reading.
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Welcome, gardner. How do you like the Vanagon? I'd always thought that the VW would be the PERFECT vanmobile if they put in at least a pedestrian iteration of the Porsche 3.2 flat-6 in it.


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Thanks OF, the VW was cool to camp in but can't hold a candle as far as space compared to the Ody. Plus with the parts supply drying up it was just getting too hard to maintain. Maybe.....a pop top transplant? Have to find a roll over Ody if I was to even consider. Our tent sounds like much more fun for now.
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