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First of all -- great forum. I just purchased a 2004 Honda Odyssey EX (90,000 mi) via ebay -- Autocheck score was good. Had a couple issues. Didn't have a FOB -- so I went on eBay and got one; however it wouldn't work if the driver door was locked. Went to a local shop thinking it was the actuator. Not it. They advised going to the dealer. A day or so later I noticed a lot of oil leaking. Dripping from the plug. So when I went to the dealer -- I said to check the oil leak too. Found out that the oil leak was from the threads being stripped and someone had put a 'plastic' washer to stop. They advised a new oil pan. I said ok. They traced the doors to a bad switch. Had to wait for that part come in. Picked up the car. Next day filled up the tank and kept topping it off like I do on my 99 CRV. Next day the check engine light came on. Read the manual thought maybe the gas cap/overfilling. Didn't really drive it the rest of the week (I just can't part with my 95 Mazda 626 just yet :)). Part came in. Thought it was still related to the overfill. Took the car back. They said nothing about the light and when I picked it up the light was off. Switch didn't fix it. Said it was the passenger side multiplexer and because they were worried it might short -- the driver side actuator. I said ok -- order 'em in. Again I really didn't drive it much that week -- light still was off. Parts came in. Took it in. This did fix the problem with the door locks. That night the check engine light came on. The tank was still close to full and I really hadn't driven it -- I thought maybe that it was still related to overfilling it. Today I went to AutoZone to pull the codes and he got P0136/P0137 coming up. My question is -- is the bank 1 sensor 2 near the oil pan. Could them dropping in and replacing it cause it to become loose. The guy at AutoZone didn't clear it because I told him about the oil pan replacement. I am looking for ideas. After spending around $800 so far (I had to get another key made too) -- I just don't want to go there and have them charge me $80 or so to tell me no -- we didn't cause it and yeah the oxygen sensor needs replaced. Suggestions??
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