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PA15-HON3 - Does it work?

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I ordered this adapter from H and A Accessories. It's what they say works for 2005-2010 Odys for an iPod interface.

I have a 2007 EX-L with 6-disc changer, XM-ready (but no XM installed), no RES or NAV. I've plugged it into the 14-pin adapter above the fuse box and it doesn't work. It will charge my iPod, but the XM/AUX button does nothing. I've been reading and someone said that the PA15-Hon3 is for Acuras... did they send me the wrong one? Do I need the Hon2?
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They sent you the wrong one. The owner's manual also is for PA15-HON2. I haven't heard of anyone using PA15-HON3 on a 05-10 Oddy. I would call 'em and ask 'em to give you a PA15-HON2.
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