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Pacific Northwest Trip

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We put 10,010 miles on our Ody during a five week Pacific Northwest trip. For more details, visit:
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alaskarailroad - wow what an adventure. I keep threatening to take my wife and kids on the "Great American Road Trip". But the youngest (22 mos) wouldn't really appreciate it.

As for your top speed test, to which state and how much was the "Test Fee"??!!

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the photos was "Now what makes you think I'm a tourist?" What, no room for bikes??

Hope you had a great trip.

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Hey alaskarailroad,

I've seen your site several times before through the Yahoo club. You have some great pics and info on your site. Definite an Ody advocate! I was really waiting for you to drop on by to the Odyclub and share your experiences with us. Anyways...welcome to the club!


P.S. Great pics of the trip! Although you might want to look for info on the Air Lift suspension in our TECH section. It should fix that sagging problem right up.
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