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Paint Protection

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Somehow my Odyssey always attract gum string on the side all the time. I always used alcohol to clean out the messy gum string from the paint. My question: Will it clean out the paint protection sealant that was applied by the dealer as my paint protection option package when use alcohol to clean out the messy gum? I also want to kill those that throw out their gum on the street. Your information is valuable. Thank ahead.
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Paint protectors, sealers or any other fancy name being used out there are over-priced wax jobs. Wether it is a polymer or teflon product, it is nothing more than a fancy wax. Some may last longer than others but that is the only difference (oh, and price

I'm sorry to burst some people's bubble but if you had a dealer "paint protectant" as part of your sale, you got a snow job with your wax job.

By the way, this is the same with interior sealants... waste of money. All U.S. built vehicles have treated seats in them when they leave the factory. You're better off buying a can of sealer and doing it yourself -- if you feel you need that extra protection.
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