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Painted front bumper that come shipped "folded" ? eg. MBI Auto, PaintNShip, etc. ?

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The front bumper has seen better days. :( The car has 221,000 miles on it. And has the original xpel ppf from 2002 install that's just looking really faded and yuck.

I could spend days with steaming, etc. to remove the ppf, and the sticky residues that it leaves behind. Underneath sticky residues if cleaned up okay, should leave the original bumper from 2002, before xpel went on.

Looking at reasonable cost option to replace the front bumper with pre-painted bumpers from online places. I'll do the swap myself, seem doable after looking at few DIY's.

Options are,

a) $280+tax that is ship "folded" (expect some imperfections)
b) $560+tax that is ship "unfolded" (0 imperfections, so they say)

Anyone here has done business with online places (eg. MBI Auto, PaintNShip, etc.) that sell pre-painted bumpers and used their "economy" (aka. shipped "folded") bumper?


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