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painting plastic

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What do I need to know about painting plastic? I just got the round fog lights with the plastic cover and I want to paint the covers to match the rest of the car. Kinda like Ora-lag's Lagreat in the gallery section. Since the covers are polypropylene (very waxy), many have told me they are difficult to paint. Any advise??
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I do paint work for my thing for you to do is ask a bodyshop. It's a bit complicated if your not into paint....and it should cost that much!
heck, I'd do it for 20 bucks

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well.....yeah I'd do it!
anyone need any trim painted just ask. I do interior pieces, or anything that's not a 'soft' plastic. I'll do mirrors, washer squirters, anything!

as for how? well....I paint for a living so use professional equipment and Dupont paint. It's kinda hard to color match if your not used to doing it, or don't have the experience or equipment. What I can tell you is this:
Try and find a local paint supply that will mix ANY color code and put it in a spray can. yes they do this! my supply place can put anything in a spray. also get some high gloss clear and a product called "Bulldog" adhesion promoter.

1. remove part
2. clean part with soap and warm water THOUROUGHLY!
3. dry well!
4. take a fine scratch pad, from a paint supply something along the lines of 1000 grit sandpaper, just ask. lightly scuff piece. not too hard! you don't want to heavily scratch the part.
5. LIGHTLY spray BULLDOG...several coats will work to cover it.
6. LIGHTLY dust color on part. VERY light at first to help it stick better.
7. Follow after completely dry with a high gloss clear. This is tricky to do with a spray can at times. try on a scrap piece of something to get the hang of how it lays and when it runs.
8. let dry overnight and install.

your done

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