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This is my fourth winter (Nov.1-end of April) driving from Eastern Ontario to Ushuaia, Argentina and after getting there two years ago decided to drive back via a different route.
At the end of April, I find a parking spot for 6 months and fly home for the summer. I write a Post (bcc email to about 170 people) every 2-3 weeks and the following is a copy of Post 4H (year 4, no.8). Since I am stuck for the moment in Ecuador, I thought it would be a good time as any to make a Post about the van.
The following is a cut and paste of the email.
knew I was going to write this post at one point, I thought it would have been
when I reached Ushuaia but that never happened. Now is a good time as any so here it is.

2002 Honda Odyssey, bought it for $850 Cdn, put in a piece of exhaust and 2 rear
shock absorbers, drove it 1000km before heading off to Ushuaia. This van has gone
to Hell and back and on the way back, it took a rougher road.

I bought it with 239,000km, I am the 7th owner and so far have put on 70,000 kms.
I like this one because of the Mango dent at the front right-center of the hood. I was
afraid it was going to go through the windshield as it was falling 25m while going 60 Km/hr.

Navigation aids, the tablet is great due to screen size but both love batteries when using
GPS and of course both died as I entered Rio.

Day mode, the modified Futon had to be notched, cut, lifted and fastened to the van.
It has never moved during the travels, Almost drove off with this kitten in Banos, Ec.

Night mode, from sofa to bed in under 1 minute, I liked that feature in the Futon.
I added 50mm of memory foam after a month on the road. Good sleep to great sleep.

Used the mosquito net about 10% of the time, Takes longer to put up than setting up
the bed.

Coleman ice cooler, fire extinguisher, 19L of potable water with pump and 12V/120V
inverter. Note the new coffee stain on the carpet.

This is my 23Kg UPS battery that gets charged as I drive and is isolated from the
engine battery when parked. I can get almost 4 days of power when parked at a beach.
Located under the floor where the mini spare should be (just behind the front seats).

I use the bin method for storing my stuff, when properly sealed, dust does not get in.

Roof stuff, real size spare with tarp, kids clothes, 20L of gas, 20Kg of propane, gas BBQ,
sun shade tarp/legs/pegs, table. I also have all liquids that I do not want to keep in the van.
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