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Had the Christmas lights strung up between the holidays, even drove at night
(New Years Eve) with them on in the city.

Dark bin for cold clothes and the light bin for hot clothes. Keep the footwear between
the bins.

Back of the van, kitchen on the left, tools in the middle and pantry on the right.

This is where the 3rd-row seating hides in the floor, I removed the seat and used the
space for car parts, hiking boots and my carry on for the flight down and back up again.

Best $10.99 purchase of the whole trip, This fan runs most of the time on a hot
night, near my face and it even oscillates.

This is what the side of the van looks like when the transmission overheats (twice)
Honda installed an overflow tube that allows the oil to escape before doing damage.
The transmission slips and the check engine light comes on.

This is the closest I got to ending the road trip. Snapped the end off the axle half
shaft. Found a Honda Pilot one (too long) cut it and rewelded it to the proper length.

I had 2 bowls of Cheerios that day and pulled the sliding door handle right off. Now
I can now have 3 bowls and not be afraid of doing any further damage.

This is a high concrete curb, part of my exhaust system rubbed against it and
caused the weakest weld to let go. I have visited the exhaust guy 15 times during
this road trip and I am not done yet.....

Sr. Bolivar about to replace the flex pipe of the exhaust system (3 times so far).
Part 3 on the next post

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Oh Hey there is the flex pipe dude! I'll send my van down there to have mine replace.

Oh and rofl on the cheerio!
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