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Replace the muffler!!, patch it instead, unfortunately, it only lasted about a month.

Oops!! The only time (so far) that I have gotten stuck, the benefit of having a 2WD
vehicle is that you know where not to go. In this case, the sand changed consistency.
The 4X4 that pulled me out kicked up a rock and shattered the rear window.

A few days later, I found these guys, cut, bent and fastened a piece of flat stock.
Squeezed silicon all around and even spray painted it black for $50

I have gone through 10 tires so far, plus the 4 that I started with.
Here a rock sliced the tire. I also have had to change 4 valves.
need a tire.jpeg

Should get a few more kilometers out of this one. Potholes ate 4 tires, alignment 4.

If you ever hear a funny noise coming from the back of your car, check your tires....

This one is rust related, the radiator has 2 fans for additional cooling, the shroud
around one fan (bottom rusted out) had been rubbing against the radiator for some time and wore through
a cooling tube and created a small leak, radiator repair 10 minutes but getting it out and
back in again about 3-4 hours, also snapped off the tranny cooling lines connectors.

Here is a rough outline of the journey, counter clockwise around the continent stopping at the moment in northern Ecuador near the Colombian border.



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