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Part Numbers???

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Where can I get a "Parts Numbers" catalog/manual from? I did not see one available at Helm Inc. or see a link in our link section. What would nice is the same program the dealers use. But any sort of reference book I could use to get part numbers is what I am after. Any suggestions?
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Honda Automotive Parts - This is a great place to look at and find any Honda automotive part. The only thing is they use their own numbering system. Also there prices are okay...but I've seen better.

The best place to get both the # and a better price is . Just email Trevor the name and/or description of the part and he'll provide you the rest.

And finally, several times I've seen Odyssey parts lists auctioned off ebay. Although, the two online resources above are free and up to date. So, it's almost useless.

Hope this helps,


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