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OK, I have read many threads, but not specific ones to my issue. 99' Odyssey.

I did follow instructions to re-activate my driver's sliding door and it worked! Thanks!

But my passenger sliding door does NOT unlatch via the button on my dash. The sliding door DOES work if you manually push the door latch, and it DOES close with the dash button, and DOES suck in to a flush position for a good closed door.

But it DOES NOT unlatch by the dash button. It DOES work manually, then the door continues on it's own. On the driver's side sliding door, I can "hear" the first sound of the actuator trigger the door to automatically open the door and slide. But there is no such "actuator" noise to unlatch the passenger sliding door when I try to open it with the dash button.

So is this an actuator problem, even though it does suck it in to flush? It just doesn't activate the latch to open when using the dash button. What do I need to replace?
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