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I have a Honda dealer trying to sell a 2001 Odyssey for $28,500 including installed foglights, subwoofer, mudguards and the extra cassette player, and destination fees. Another dealer is "including" the permaplate fabric protector and paint sealant for the same price. I suspect that the permaplate is a ruse, but none of the Odyssey forums seem to address this issue. Dealer A says permaplate is a hoax.

A: reasonable price?
B: does the subwoofer help audio performance?
C: is the permaplate a $400 charge for no additional product?

Thanks for your help, and your many useful discussions on the web,
Greg Baxley
Bakersfield, CA

PS, I also know of a dealer with a GG EX in stock, claims to sell at MSRP no adds in CA central valley.
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If you can indeed get an instock model at MSRP with no-addons, that may be your best bet if it isn't too far. You can add the cassette player (~$150) and splash guards (~$60) are fairly easily to do yourself, and buy them online or have a dealer match online prices. If you don't want to install the foglights and subwoofer, you can buy them online for $500-$550 delivered for both. If you don't install, figure paying for 2 hours labor for each, tops, at about $75 per hour (locally) or $300 total. You could still save a bit going the MSRP route, but it will be somewhat more of a hassle...


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