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Personalized Plates

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Hey all. Thanks for all the info on the Odyssey. I am waiting for my GG EX-L due end of April. In order to keep myself busy, I'm trying to come up with some good ideas for my personalized license plates. I'd like to get something related to Honda/Odyssey, etc. My husband thinks I should get something dealing with "space", as in "space odyssey", but that would have been much better with a 2001!

Thanks in advance!

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Well, I was thinking of personalized plates here in California. My idea was 'V ROOMY'. Little play on words - very roomy and Vroomy, as in fast...

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We currently have ODYTTEY.

Dunno what we'll get here in Florida.

Outta here...?
How about Kubrik reference:


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C-ODY (guess that would be great if it's your name...)
....I give up....!

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Ahem ...



Unfortunately Texas has a 6 letter limit, otherwise I'd have it already.

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ODYOS as in adios
Here's a good one. MOODY or try this

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