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Pick up my Ody Dec. 24th!

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This morning I went to finalize the purchase order and they told me my Odyssey was just unloaded off of the truck! It still has the plastic on it. I had been to their finance rate was ABOUT 7%. I showed them a flyer I got from my credit union with 5.99% (we were pre-approved). I went home with the updated purchase order to wait for their call with their finance rate. 5.79%!! We pick it up Monday (Dec 24) at 9am.

No pressure for the extended warrantee (or anything else). They didn't even ask!

2002 EP LX (Picking up Dec. 24th!!)
1998 Civic DX, Blue
1992 Civic LX, Red (Bye-Bye)

Previous Hondas:
1987 Prelude, Gray (totaled in 2000 w/188k miles)
1978 Accord, Red

Other cars:
1982 Ford EXP (We all make mistakes!)
1969 Olds Delta 88 (with 10 speed bike in back seat in case it broke down)

Myself, Wife, 3 kids (4,2 & newborn). Ever see 3 kids in the back of a 98 Civic?? GOTTA GET THAT ODY SOON!!!!

2000 Yardman mower with a Honda engine.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DWF:
No pressure for the extended warrantee (or anything else). They didn't even ask!


First congrats on both newcomers to the family, the Ody and the newborn!

Second, if your dealer is anything like mine, they'll have you sign a few more papers when you take delivery and then introduce you to the sales manager who probably will mention the extras. They weren't hard sell with me on this but they did have to at least go through the motions.

All the best!

Drive Safe,
Steve R.
'01 SS LX
Cargo tray, leather steering wheel, mud guards, alarm, fog lights, transmission cooler, in-dash CD player, Kelton subwoofer, under seat storage tray.
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