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Hey Guys,

We picked up our van tonight and it's totally awesome. Without all of your postings we would not have had the courage (or is it stupidity ;=) to shell out the money on the new EX. But anyway, car payments aside we love it! I will go into detail on the dealer in the dealer forum.

Thanks for the info. on the aftermarket accessories and especially noise modifications. A special thanks for the 2 different delivery checklists it really gave us piece of mind when we got home that we didn't forget anything.

We have one small complaint, it seems louder than when we test drove it on Friday. The wheel locks we paid for were gone and we suspect the tires might have been replaced. I thought I saw Affinity tires on the van and now they have Symmetrys. But I may just be overly paranoid.

Sorry for rambling, I'm just caught up in the excitement. Sure wish we had a club to meet in N.E. they way they do in CA. Maybe we should organize a group flight out West and help the airline industry out the way we have all supported the Japanese car makers.

Anyway, have fun driving and check out my post tomorrow under dealer stories.

(posting under my hubby's sign on Steve B)
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