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Picked up our Ody yesterday!!!

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and I LOVE IT!!!!

We got a 02 SS EX- we added the bug deflector and splash guards (thanks to the many tips I read here!), and did the VIN etching thing as well- (Our dealership charged $150- if anything happens to van, VIN company sends us $500 and as long as we go back to same dealer, we have $2000 off pricing on replacement vehicle) Not bad insurance for $150. Oh- went for the extended warranty too (7 yrs/75,000 miles/0 deductible.) It wasn't as cheap as other prices I've seen, but was within $100 and we just rolled it into the financing.

DH at first wasn't sure about getting a van, but he liked it so much, HE took it to work today to show it off!!! LOL!

Someone called their's a 'Silver Beast.' I'm calling mine a "Silver Beauty!"


02 SS EX Ody

00 Acura 3.2 TL

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