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Tires your Honda Odyssey wears play an important role in the driving comfort and safety. Plus you expect them to combine an excellent handling and reliable performance for a long time. If those are the requirements that you have in your list, Pirelli Tires will be the best bet. Their worldwide reputation speaks for itself – these tires are used on luxury, sport, race and performance cars as original equipment.

Pirelli Tires provide excellent handling, maximum braking performance while maintaining optimum grip, cornering capabilities and a reduction in hydroplaning in the rain.

Today you have a great chance to save money with a new Pirelli Spring Sale! GET a $70 Prepaid Mastercard card via mail-in rebate with the purchase of four (4) new qualifying Pirelli Tires. Hurry up! This offer expires on April 16, 2018. Please complete the following PDF to redeem your mail-in rebate.

Pirelli™ Tires | Run Flat, All-Season, Winter —

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